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Automatic Cooling Beds

Automatic Rack Type Colling Bed
Automatic Rack Type Colling Bed provide uniform air-cooling to the bars & profiles and transport these in phased manner from entry to discharge side. Made available in precision designed and engineered finish, these efficiently handle the requirements from smallest to maximum bar sizes that need to be rolled.

Further, these also assist in providing desired adjust ability in terms of size, shape as well as alloy of profiles. The cooling beds also provide for maintaining appropriate cooling rates that ensure minimized distortion as well as help in achieving high quality profiles.

We had successfully commissioned 66mtr long automatic rack type cooling bed at SAIL plant at Himachal Pradesh, in North India

Features :
  • We hold expertise in providing rack type automatic cooling beds from 9.5mtr up to 66mtr
  • These can also be developed as per customer’s requirement
  • We have with us rich industry experience of commissioning more than 20 automatic beds on a global scale
  • We have experience of successfully commissioning 66mtr long automatic rack type cooling bed at SAIL plant at Himanchal Pradesh, in North India
  • The use of cooling bed of rack design is for providing uniform air-cooling to TMT bars
  • It also helps in transporting in phased manner from entry of cooling bed to the discharge side
  • Front end of bars leveled at discharge side with fixed number of bars provided for final length cutting through cold shear as well as bundling process
  • Superior working mechanism of the bed ensures bars are positioned uniformly over toothed racks
  • Cooling bed designed keeping in consideration smallest and maximum size of bars that need to be rolled from finishing mill stand as well as cooling time needed for different sizes of bars

Cooling beds offered are made available in manual operations from 60mtr up to 84mtr. Here, our expertise also lies in making these available as per customer requirements of size. With billets re-heated to a temperature of 1200ºC in re-heating furnace, these are then rolled to defined sections of finished material in Rolling Mill Unit. From finishing stand, these re-bars are made to go through precision designed pipes where water quenching is performed under controlled conditions. This helps in decreasing the surface temperature of hot re-bars to around 400ºC. The extensive as well as uniform cooling provided at cooling bed helps in getting temperature equalized at round 600ºC. This allows surface of re-bar to emerge as a hardened structure known as martensite with core remaining soft known as ferrite-pearlite. The above mentioned process followed helps in enhancing tensile strength of material while at the same time maintaining high ductility as well as weld-ability properties.

The complete system comprises :
  • Straightening racks comprising cast iron toothed blocks that assist in receiving bars and straightening it at temperature of around 600oC
  • Movable rack mechanism to move in x and y axis which will be profile cut to suit smallest size as well as maximum bar size
  • Fixed rack mechanism that receives bars from movable rack mechanism as bars are being transferred toward delivery side of cooling beds
  • Drive for movable rack mechanism comprising motors driving two parallel sets of drive shafts
  • Bar aligning rollers fitted at end of racks and driven by motors for aligning bars front end before delivery to run-out roller table