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TWIN Channel

TWIN Channels form an important part of the rolling system as these channels minimize the risk of accidents while transferring the bars.

The basic and prime use of twin channel is to collect the TMT bars leaving the quenching boxes after being sheared by the flying shear in two strands. All the channels are manufactured comprising of CI central box and C-type CI channels. There is a system for cooling water in order to prevent warping during rolling.

The unique design and latest technology implemented makes the twin channels capable of guiding the discharge of the rods from dividing shear.

Technical Specifications :
The twin channel is capable of collecting bars with size up to 40mm in diameter and stock. Incorporated with advanced features, these twin channels have a maximum speed of about 25 meters per second.

Features :
There are ample of features and advantages that make our twin channels the most advanced one in the entire industry. Some of the striking features embarked with our manufactured TWIN Channels are as following:
  • Twin water-cooled C-type channels with water cooling arrangement
  • Supporting arrangement for the twin-channel and drive system
  • Cam device for opening closing of the pipes
  • Hydraulic Drive for operation of the cams
  • Prevention from warping
  • Highest level of safety
  • Closed channel for transferring bars
  • Can be attached to braking pinch rolls

Application :
The TWIN Channels manufactured by us find wide application in the rolling mill plants for high speed handling of bar at cooling beds.

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