THE RG Group India

Leading manufacturers for rolling mill plants since 45 years

5,00,000 TPY/-

We RG Group provides end to end solutions for Rolling Mill Plants Up to 5,00,000 TPY/-

150 Rolling Mill

We RG Group completed more than 150 Rolling Mill Projects Worldwide.

Turnkey Projects

RG Provides Turnkey Projects & Up gradations.

End to End Solutions

Rolling Mill End to End Solutions Successfully.

TMT Bar Mills

Long Product TMT Bar Mills.

Structure Rolling Mills

Structure Rolling Mills.

Wire Rod Line

Wire Rod Line.

Slit Rolling Technology

Slit Rolling Technology.

Flat & Pipe Rolling Mill Plants

Flat & Pipe Rolling Mill Plants.

Our Products

Rolling Mill Equipment

Turnkey projects for high speeds long product TMT Bar Rolling Mill plants.

Turnkey projects for high speeds long product Structure Rolling Mill plants.

Turnkey projects for high speeds long product sheel rolling mill plants.

Turnkey projects for high speeds long product pipe rolling mill plants.

Horizontal & Vertical Continuous Rolling Mill projects.

Continuous Rolling Variables Speed Gears & Gear Boxes for Steel Rolling Mill Plants.

Shears & saws (Combination Shear, crop & cobble shear, continuous shear, flying shear, billet shear).

Thermo Mechanical Treated bar rolling mill plants.

Automatic Bar Handling. (Post Rolling Fully Automatic Complete System).

NTM blocks wire rod Rolling Mill Plants.

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  • MECON LTD. ( A government of India Organisation).
  • M.N. Dastur & Company Pvt.Ltd.
  • Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL -A government of India Organisation).
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  • RG ISO Certified.
  • D&B.
  • CRM Belgium (For TMT Quenching System for Bar Rolling Mills).
  • N.S.I.C.
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  • Laghu Udhyog Bharti.
  • B.R.I.M.A.
  • Trust Steel India Mart.
  • Siemens.
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  • I.A.M.A.
  • SAIL-SCL Kerala Ltd. (SAIL -A government of India Organisation)
  • M.S.M.E.
  • Steel & Metallurgy.
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