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Rolling Mill Equipment

Rolling Mill Equipment

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Laying Head

Used in rolling mills the Laying Head features tubular shaft mounted on bearings for rotation that is relative to stationary housing structure. These find application in forming longitudinally moving hot rolled product into helix with tubular quill featuring central axis of rotation with passageway extending along central axis from first end to opposite second end of quill.

Features :
  • Interior quill surface features cylindrical section that leads from first end of passageway to outwardly flared section that further leads to second end of passageway
  • A laying pipe received in through passageway
  • Laying pipe features entry end aligned with :
    • Central axis at first end of passageway
    • Curved intermediate portion that is surrounded by flared section of interior quill surface
  • End portion that projects axially from second end of passageway to delivery end and is spaced from central axis

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